Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bellissima! Why we're all crazy about Italian craftsmanship for our leather

We've all got our favourite types and brands of bag, but one thing we all agree on in the office here is our love of genuine Italian leather. There's something about the feel, the quality, even the smell of a good Italian leather bag that just stands head and shoulders above the rest! So, as an (almost) mid-week break for you, we've decided to delve into what makes these accessories so desirable...

Historically Italy has been central to the leather industry for centuries, especially around Florence and Milan, which is often dubbed the fashion capital of Italy. This reputation has been earned by the superb high quality standards of Italian artisans and craftsmen, where only full grain leathers are used. Aside from being of a naturally higher quality than the more common cuts of leather, the full grain nature minimises the effects the leather is treated to while retaining a more resilient nature and the natural patina and imperfections that characterise it as a natural product. With such a supple feel and beautiful look, Italian leather tends to keep its gorgeous nature much longer than other inferior leathers.

Italian leather is also usually hand-crafted in contrast to many other leathers around the world. This not only helps to keep the high quality and supple feel of the leather from start to finish, but is in keeping with the Italian tradition of craftsmanship which famously runs through the artisan families - who pass down these time-honoured secrets that ensure the leather is amongst the finest produced. Using vegetable tanning in many cases for a low environmental impact, Italian leather is made to a wonderful quality with a very conscientious approach.

We've also collected some of our favourite brands here in the office that really show off the superb quality of Italian leather and the superior craftsmanship that goes into every design. So, without further ado...

Nicoli 'Caffè' Italian leather shoulder bag, £160 at Pure Luxuries

The 'Caffè' shoulder bag from Nicoli's Infinity collection has just got to come close to the top of our list! Not only do Nicoli make all their bags from the finest Italian leather, but everything is done in-house in Italy a mere hour away from Venice! The supple high-quality hides are carefully treated to bring out the natural character of each piece of leather and hand-made to ensure that each bag is a unique accessory.

Tumble & Hide 'Sorrento' Italian leather bag, £135 at Pure Luxuries

Tumble & Hide are another one we simply couldn't resist mentioning! The brand offers a unique fusion between Italian craftsmanship and British design to create today's must-have accessories. All of their bags are made using old-school Italian methods including 'tumbling' to bring out the natural patina of the leather. Hand-finished in Italy and made from the finest leather naturally sourced from Santa Croce near Florence, their stylish designs are (as their motto goes): Born in Britain, Inspired by Italy.

Mywalit chocolate leather bag, £170 at Pure Luxuries

We think we've just got time to fit one more in, and since it's such a favourite of the customer support team we just had to mention it! Mywalit started out in Lucca in Tuscany, with a small shop near the Roman Amphitheatre. They've now grown to a worldwide name without compromising on their roots - all of their bags are made from Italian nappa leather with a chic and colourful approach to brighten any day! Quality and style in one effortless design - could we ask for more?

Do you have a favourite Italian bag you'd like to show off? Get in touch through the comments and let us know, we'd love to hear about it!

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