Thursday, 4 October 2012

Vintage styling this Autumn

Let's be honest - we've all got a soft spot for the vintage. You know, those gorgeous designs that manage to boast a been-with-you-for-years look combined with the latest styles and designs. It can be hard to pull off the right look without appearing as though you've missed fashion trends from the last decade, but thankfully there are various designer brands out there now to offer high-quality vintage goods that match the latest style trends!

I've always thought that the best way to wear a vintage-inspired design is to keep it pretty simple - so no complicated patterns or outlandish colours. Sometimes less is more, and when you're rocking these kind of bags a good cut plain shirt or (dare I say it at this time of year?) dress can really help you to show off without going OTT. Even a sweater can work well, especially now the weather's turning towards winter and we're all dolefully packing away our summer gear (where did the summer go, anyway?).

With regards to these brands I mentioned, I have to admit I'm currently in love with Drift's bags. These gorgeous designs combine that desirable vintage look with a sleek and uncomplicated design that spans various outfits for a brilliant accessory. Whether it's heading into the office or out for the night, I've managed to accumulate a Drift bag for every occasion - and their new range is even better as they look towards the winter too!

Their 'Silvia' is my current favourite for those quick trips - the compact size and design makes it ideal! I really like the strap too, which adds a bit of contrast to the bag to offset the brown leather. On the other hand, the delightfully named 'Mummy Brick' satchel is my ideal work bag - large enough for all the bits 'n' bobs I seem to need, and the quirky burnished buckles are the finishing touch for me!

The brilliantly named 'Mummy Brick' satchel!

The 'Silvia' cross-body bag
Becky x