Monday, 20 August 2012

Colourful chic this summer!

Let's be honest - it's summer, it's actually sunny, and we all want to be out. Italian designer brand Mywalit have released a whole range of gorgeous designs that are just perfect for those hot days. By combining timeless designs with their own chic approach and a kaleidoscope of bold colours, their bags and purses cut a stylish dash that's ideal for summer. And let's not forget the esteemed high quality materials used in every Mywalit design, from nappa and suede leather to the artisan designs with extraordinary detail!

Their 'purple haze' purse just showcases what Mywalit are all about. Combining a range of features to keep everything together with a brilliant collection of colours, the purse is made from genuine nappa leather for an unbeatable supple feel and long life. It's large enough to carry if you like while still fitting in a bag, so whether you're showing it off while you walk or when you pull it out at the cashier, it's a fitting accessory for anyone this summer!

Mywalit 'purple haze' nappa leather purse, £65

If you're looking for something that little bit bigger to hold all the essentials, we're particularly impressed by their nappa leather clutch. This innovative design transforms from a clutch to a shoulder bag with amazing ease, so whether you just need a few things or have to take those extra bits and bobs with you this elegant leather clutch is the ideal accessory!

Mywalit nappa leather clutch, £140

Finally, we just couldn't sign off today without mentioning this beauty! Made from suede leather in a gorgeous collection of colours, Mywalit's shoulder bag sports a striking stripe detail to the soft purple leather body. Complete with grab handles and a fully adjustable strap, this beauty is made to be taken out in the sunshine!

Mywalit suede leather shoulder bag, £200

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cool Britannia

We don't know about you, but here the Olympics have fired us up! Not just for a whole new exercise regime  after the New Year's resolution sort of ended months ago (ahem), but with British pride. And so what better time than to take a look at some of the designer brands we have right here in Britain that we can be proud of?

Tumble & Hide combine the best of British design with Italian artisan craftsmanship to create some truly inspiring designs. All of their bags and purses are made from naturally-sourced leather from Florence, Italy, boasting a natural patina and supple nature. Cut and sewn by hand, these are accessories for a lifetime.

Tumble & Hide 'Sorrento' leather bag, £135

Sure, Mywalit are technically an Italian brand, but we think you'll all agree that their British-themed designs have more than a little going for them! We're particularly in love with this credit card wallet of theirs right now, especially with the summer-y colours...

Mywalit Nappa leather card holder, now £20

Conkca are a brand we can really be proud of. Based in their design studio in the fashion capital of London, their designs combine a hard-wearing build with classically stylish looks that never go out of fashion! We're already looking forward to their new range, and will keep you informed as soon as we hear more!

Conkca modern leather cross-body bag, £44